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Awareness, Relationship, Career and You!

Who We Are

At ARC and You, we organize a range of social, educational and advisory programs which support the development of individuals and improve people’s lives.

Our actions are fostered by the conviction that a holistic development of an individual (You) is achieved when effort is made towards improving the underlining subjects of Awareness, Relationship and Career (ARC). Hence the name ARC and You.

ARC and You engages individuals, family units and community groups towards improving lives through the provision of structured learning and social programs which foster personal development, family well-being, social interactions and community cohesion.

Our Programs

"Turbo!”:  Navigating the Path to Self-Discovery, Meaningful Relationships, and Career Success

"Turbo!" is an innovative and interactive relationship program designed specifically...

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Business and Leadership Program

This program brings together budding leaders and business start-ups . The program is aimed at e...

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Mental Awareness Program

This program is designed to raise awareness on mental health and wellbeing and will address issues p...

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Employability Training

Getting into employment can be a daunting task. At ARC and You we believe in empowering individ...

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What Our Users Say

A few words about us from our Users

  • I see myself as an optimist but I struggle a lot with procastination. The Self Awarenes program has been very educative and interesting. It has opened my eyes to the fact of my inate procastinative tendency and now, I am geared towards using the methods that I have acquired during this program to optimize my optimist potential and to correct my procatinative tendencies. The organisation is doing a very great job.

    Ruben Oliveira
  • The Turbo event has been a truly life changing experience. It has brought me out of my lonely shell and has developed my self confidence such that I now am able to freely develop new friendship with others. Making the Turbo Event a nnational program , or even introducing this into the School curriculum would greatly enhance the development of latent talents as it has done to mine. Well done ARC and You!

    Mahendra Bikram Kunwar